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Used in the concentration of trace amounts of sample dissolved in organic solvents. Complete unit consist of a 3-section improved Snyder column, kuderna-danish style flask and a graduated concentrator tube. Available with or without hooks for attachment of lower concentrator tube. If complete unit is ordered with hooks, two stainless steel springs will be supplied. If ordered complete without hooks, a #9 keck clamp will be supplied. Both units when ordered complete will be supplied with a #24 keck clamp for attachment of column to flask

 Sub Categories  

S-1803 Concentrator Tube - Graduated - Jacketed Tip

S-1805 Rotary Evaporator Bump Trap - Modified

S-1806 Evaporator Trap

S-1806B Evaporator Trap - Self Washing

S-1806C Rotary Evaporator Bump Trap - Fritted

S-1807 Evaporator Condenser For Rotary Evaporator

S-1807A Inlet Feed Tube

S-1794 Evaporator Concentrator

S-1796 Evaporator Concentrator

S-1798 Evaporator Concentrator - Improved

S-1799 Evaporator Receiver

S-1801 Evaporator Concentrator - K.D. - Economy

S-1802 Concentrator Tube - Graduated

S-1804 Rotary Evaporator Bump Trap

S-1807B Evaporator Flask - Flanged - Large Scale

S-1800 Evaporators Concentrator K.D. Improved
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